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Claes Reinhold Ekman en route to a criminal court case in Berlin, Germany. 

As an international legal group WalEkman creates and construes appropriate teams of economists, jurists and lawyers - implementing viable solutions - for each individual situation.

WalEkman is recruiting jurists / lawyers - with flair, knowledge and talent for well-written English - in Kiev-Ukraine, Athens-Greece and Yangon-Myanmar, to further strengthen our competence globally.

In general, we are looking to recruit persons who - beyond having shown verifiable boldness and initiative - can find things out for themselves; for no one without imagination was ever very great in his / her profession. If imagination makes for honour in many things, it will, above all, honour you in the international legal competition.

Also, always bear in mind, given human nature, that good legal counsels, whence soever they come and are implemented, are born of the mandate and wisdom of the principal/client, not vice versa. International legal advice is about people/psychology as much as it is about the law, and before we can connect the dots, first we have to collect the dots. 

WalEkman - as an international strategic / tactical law firm - has on a permanent basis law and economics academics retained from 9 countries: USA - England - France - Germany - Sweden - Ukraine - Russia - China - Kenya; and, can therefore, offer our clients unique solutions relevant to each opportunity and client desire.

WalEkman wishes to recruit, perhaps initially on a part-time basis, consummate jurists / lawyers, for undertakings mainly within corporate / individual taxation, business formations and high net worth marital affairs. We would expect an excellent academic record, a M.Sc. in Law, or a post-graduate degree / Ph.D. in legal linguistics, as well as an ability to undertake and maintain whole international legal assignments from approach to finish.

A suitable background for the right applicant-s would be from either a local law firm, a prominent university or a major global enterprise of any kind, really; or from academia/general business - in a corporate / marital affairs-based context - motivated to successfully complete written / content-based assignments on behalf of clients.

Linguistic competence overall would be highly valued - a pre-requisite - as we operate at the behest of clients/customers from all corners of the world. Remuneration, pension et cetera will be very competitive. 

We work to a great extent within education, fashion, health and media sectors, and do indeed invite applications from well-writing female candidates. Clear writing is the key to clear thinking. How little one needs, in the art of writing, to convey the lot.

Please submit your application - which will be handled with the strictest measure of confidentiality - to, marked "International-SEO.2129"

Claes Ekman, Chairman of WalEkman S.A., graduated cum laude from University of Göteborg with an emphasis on Swedish company establishments in the U.S., external-internal accounting, management control and commercial law.

Throughout college- and university Claes worked as a shop/department store detective, ordinary guard, heavily armed body-guard for Ambassadors/Charge d'affairs from Germany, England, Yugoslavia, the United States, Iran, and Russia, as well as within the Swedish Penitentiary/Prison Authority; later as chairman of an authorized guard- and patrol company, and as an international legal administrator, approved by Swedish courts, in Poland, Russia, and Ukraine.

In 1984 Claes received a scholarship from the Marcus Wallenberg Fund for International Industrial Management regarding research at Handelshögskolan in Göteborg concerning "Swedish Industrial Joint Ventures in the Far East", mainly China and Japan. The report, published in 1985, received large contemporary attention, in industrial and academic circles.

Claes has since 1986 been periodic Nordic/Swedish Chairman/Director of Transearch, Translink, Manpower, EIU (The Economist Intelligence Unit), Société Générale TR, as well as main board Chairman/Director of parent/subsidiary companies in Sweden, Norway, England, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, USA and China.

Claes has/has had membership in Göteborgs Börssällskap, International Society of Financial Analysts, Association of Investment Management and Research (AIMR) and Financial Analysts Federation (US).

Trained as an air artillery aviator in Sweden, later rated both an instrument and multi-engine/jet pilot in the U.S., Claes is now a resident of NYC.

What has happened, or rather, what has happened that has not happened before; and why? Meet with us in London or New York - or anywhere - explaining your situation, in an honest attempt to find the truth.

Chairman Claes Ekman on a Cyber-security / Internet Security legal case in Kiev.